Main Cables are growing increasingly popular within the watersports community. Perhaps the greatest benefit being the cost of a cable session in comparison to wakeboarding behind a boat.

Cable wakeboarding offers the most cost effective and sociable way for anyone to take to the water. With the opportunity to ride all day and the freedom to explore air tricks, kickers and rails, it’s a great and quick way to develop your wakeboarding skills.  

Festival Wakeboard and Aqua Park
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New to the sport? Interested in starting out? Festival Wakeboard Park loves teaching beginners and helping you achieve your wakeboarding skills.

cable park

Cable Parks are an overhead cable system around a lake that pulls you along the water by a line and handle.


Vouchers are a great way to treat a friend, partner or as a gift. Get more for your money with voucher credits.


All beginners have a one-on-one tuition with our professional coaching team to help you learn and progress for your first time.

Advanced rider? Then why not use our experienced instructors to progress and unleash your ultimate ability.  


Proven to help your wakeboarding ability, one-on-one coaching is the fastest way to progress your skills.


With your own personal instructor, they will be able to see where you are going wrong or the slightest tweek needed to execute your trick, invert or riding stability.