British Water Ski & Wakeboard

Festival Wakeboard and Aqua Park are proudly affiliated and associated with the British Waterski & Wakeboard Federation

Our Cables

Beginners Cable  

Our Beginners Cable is perfect for complete beginners wanting to learn how to wakeboard. There are 2 different sessions…

The 1st being what we call a Taster Session. With this you receive a 15 minute lesson on our Beginners Cable with one to one coaching.
The 2nd session is what we call a Beginner Session. With this you get a 15 minute lesson on our Beginners Cable with one to one coaching, followed by 45 minutes on our Main Cable to put to practise what you have just learnt.
We sell more Beginner Sessions at Festwake than anything else! Both of these sessions include all the necessary equipment so all you need to bring with you is a swimming costume and a towel.

We can teach from as young as 8 years old. A Taster Session costs £25pp and a Beginner Session costs £35pp. To book this online you must only book the 15 min slot you would like (for groups book as many consecutive slots that you need).Tthis will automatically book the rest for you!

Main Cable

Once you have got to grips with our Beginners Cable and Slow Cable sessions, why not try our Main Cable (running at normal speed) and start pushing your abilities in Wakeboarding or Kneeboarding.

Kneeboarding is a great place to start if you have never done wakeboarding. Adjust to the speed of the cable and learn the course before jumping onto a wakeboard.

We have various features for you to hit, there really is no limit to what you can do next in the sport of Wakeboarding!

Slow Cable


We are unfortunately not offering this at the moment

During certain times, we slow the Main Cable down making it an ideal time for beginners and children to use the Main Cable. This session is designed for participants who have perfected the Beginners Cable and want to give the Main Cable a try for the first time.

We also offer FREE equipment hire during these sessions.

The Lake

'Air Tricks & Features'

With our super high 5 point Rixen Cable setup it is perfect for learning air tricks! We also have 11 features to tackle including a one off ‘Bomb’ feature exclusive to Festival Wakeboard & Aqua Park

Safety Video

Please watch our safety video before arriving.